Writing this ABOUT ME section is a challenging endeavor for me.


I’ve worn various hats, experienced a myriad of things, yet the person I am today stands in stark contrast to my past. Reflecting on bygone days feels incongruent with my present self. Nevertheless, these experiences and labels have undeniably molded me into the individual I am, albeit in a different hue.

For insights into who I am today and my current endeavors, check out my WHAT I’M UP TO NOW page.



I grew up poor, struggled with my sexuality and wanted to prove to the world that I am worthy. I became an accountant, a successful entrepreneur, a best-selling author, a TV personality, and speaker.


I then gave up all those labels, “retired” early at the age of 37 and I’m now on a journey to discover my true (and future) self.


I am a South African native, I now live in Barcelona, Spain.



I was born and raised in the small town of Harrismith in the Free State, South Africa. My parents divorced when I was young, and my mom shouldered the responsibility of raising me as a single parent. Life proved to be challenging: there were times when we had nothing to eat, I grappled with my own sexuality, and my dad succumbed to full-blown alcoholism.


During my High School years, I stumbled upon the world of entrepreneurship and realized that I could chart my own course by generating my own income. This revelation became my lifeline, a passion that consumed me. 


Upon completing school, I harbored a burning desire to demonstrate my worthiness to the world. And, as per societal norms and my conditioned beliefs at the time, the pathway to proving oneself involved achieving success, amassing wealth, and attaining fame.


Over the subsequent 15 years, I relentlessly pursued these goals, earning the following labels:



After completing high school, financial constraints barred me from full-time tertiary education. Undeterred, I joined an auditing firm, dedicating myself to articles while studying part-time in the evenings and over weekends. After four years of grueling 18-hour workdays, I emerged with completed articles and an accounting degree. 


Armed with my new qualification and some hard-earned savings, I ventured to Johannesburg and launched my inaugural business venture, an accounting firm named The Beancounter.



I started The Beancounter with minimal funds, which compelled me to hustle day and night to nurture its growth. I attended every conceivable networking event, engaged in daytime cold-calling to promote our services, and, with time, witnessed the firm gaining traction. We secured an expanding clientele, opened additional offices, and increased our team size.


A mere decade later, The Beancounter had evolved into one of the most sought-after accounting firms in the country. In 2016, a significant majority share was acquired by the JSE-listed company, Transaction Capital. Since then, Transaction Capital has relinquished its shares in the company, and I now have a team of remarkable partners steering the ship to new heights.


My journey also involved supporting other entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams. I provided seed capital and mentorship to numerous individuals, many of whom went on to establish multimillion-Rand enterprises.


In 2020, I divested from all my investments (except one) and assumed the role of full-time CEO in my sole remaining investment: Wamly, an award-winning one-way video interview SAAS platform. In two years, we catapulted the company to become the largest video interview provider in Africa. Although I have relinquished my CEO role, I remain a shareholder and non-executive director.



Adding to the tapestry of my experiences, I took on the role of a host for a weekly segment on the business program Winslyn on kykNET, one of South Africa’s leading TV channels. Here, I shared valuable advice and insights with aspiring and established entrepreneurs, guiding them on how to start, manage, and grow their businesses.


I was also a shark (investor) on the international TV series, Shark Tank (South Africa).



Transitioning from the screen to the written word, my business insights and Shark Tank (South Africa) presence materialized into the best-selling book, “90 Rules for Entrepreneurs: The Codex of Hustle.” In 2018, the book soared to the top, becoming the best-selling South African business book. Garnering a Reader’s Choice Award, it maintained its stronghold on the Amazon.com charts for an impressive 10 weeks.



In 2022, my professional landscape had shifted. The demands of running my businesses, coupled with the unwelcome attention from Shark Tank and my book, prompted a reevaluation. The Marnus of 15 years prior no longer sought validation or the need to prove his worth to the world. This juncture marked a pivotal moment to explore my authentic self.


Embarking on a journey of self-discovery, I took deliberate steps—deleting most of my social media accounts, stepping back from talks and media engagements, and relocating to Barcelona, Spain.


It’s been two years since this transformative decision. The clarity I’ve gained about my identity and aspirations continues to evolve. I’m eager to share my evolving thoughts, ideas, and experiences on this platform, hoping to both contribute and learn from my readers.


Stay tuned for updates on my WHAT I’M UP TO NOW page, as this journey remains an ongoing exploration.