The Myth of the Glass Ocean

I often hear people ask when ‘things will get easier’. We assume that when we’ve ironed out all the issues, things will be easy from that point onwards. If you can ever get to this point, and things are truly ‘easy’ after that, I’d like to write my next book with you. We’ll make a fortune. While the problems may be finite, the number of them is not. There is no end. Things will always be rocky. There will always be another hurdle to leap, or a pothole to patch. The ocean will always have waves, and that will never change.

If you ever get to the point of selling your business, that will be your end. You will hand over ownership of it and you will walk right out the door and onto the golf course.

There is no destination in entrepreneurship; it is a continuous journey for as long as you do it. Challenges will always remain. They may be constantly changing, but they will always be there. You’ll start out needing to raise money, then you’ll need to get clients and then to scale up. Once you scale, you will find it even more challenging to run a bigger business and you will have more compliance issues to deal with.

You need to embrace challenges and see them as part of business and as normal as breathing. Once you make this mind-shift, business will become easier and dealing with challenges will be part of your everyday hustle. Keep your eyes on where you are, not searching for some mythical, utopian future.

Work towards that destination but know that it will forever be changing. Chase it, but enjoy the ride and you will soon find out that there is no destination, no end point. The journey is it.

Taking a stand: Stop killing SME’s

Yes, it was my car that was parked at Rivonia Village since this morning. But it wasn’t (only) my message. It is the message of every single small business owner in this country. It is the plea from every entrepreneur trying to create a success against all odds. And of course, it was in support of Ubuntu Baba.

Everyone agrees that SME’s are the solution to many problems in our country. Entrepreneurs are the only hope in restoring economic growth. Everyone wants us to succeed, but no one has our backs.

And that’s fine… We’re used to it. You don’t need to support us but don’t try and intentionally kill us. What transpired in the last 24 hours is nothing new but at least this time it went viral and people could see what small business owners face on a daily basis.

Personally and through, we will continue the fight for SME’s. The message is clear: support small business South Africa, and if you are too pathetic to do that, just don’t try and kill it.

Entrepreneurs, the journey continue. Onwards and upwards.

What makes YOU happy?

11 years ago on 1 December 2007, I was travelling from Harrismith to Joburg in a rented bakkie with my mom next to me. It was the start of my new life. I just finished my articles and wanted to begin the hustle in the city of gold. If you had asked me then, what would make me happy, I would have told you “Money, money and more money!”

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If you don’t look after your clients, someone else will…

Every day on my way to work for the past two years I’ve bought a copy of Business Day from a guy named Rodger.

Rodger knew me well, and every morning he’d spot me and run to me with my Business Day. There were some days that I didn’t have cash, but I’d make it up to him the next day or the next week –often paying him more. I must have been one of his best clients.

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Marnus partners with Legacy Education Alliance

Legacy Education Alliance has partnered with Marnus Broodryk to create a practical workshop for the aspiring & established entrepreneur. Based on Marnus’ bestselling book, 90 Rules for Entrepreneurs, this workshop provides students with comprehensive insight and knowledge to craft the perfect business plan and get to know what it takes to build a successful business.

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Your complimentary ticket to the Secrets of Scale…

I’ve managed to secure 25 complimentary tickets to the Secrets of Scale event series hosted in Johannesburg.

The Secrets of Scale series of events are designed to help entrepreneurs understand the dynamics and challenges of scaling a business and will empower attendees with the skills, insights and principles necessary to enable a business to scale their impact on their chosen market and ultimately scale on a world stage.

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The One-Page Dynamic Business Plan

This rule is an extract from my best selling book, 90 Rules for Entrepreneurs – click here to buy your copy

The logic behind a business plan is great. It’s a plotted journey, with marked goals and targets. It gives you something to work on, and work towards. And you’ll definitely need one if you’re looking for financing. But very seldom does it actually become a real working document for the small business owner; business plans are too long-winded and rigid and don’t allow for the fast changes and flexibility you’re going to need when you start up. So, gut instinct is how most survive, and the plan goes into the middle drawer.

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Bitcoin, Nesquik and investing in the JSE

“What’s your take on Bitcoin?”

Without a doubt, the most asked question in my inbox. To date, I haven’t responded to any of those messages. I’m not someone to give advice on investments – I think it’s an irresponsible thing to do. For many reasons but mostly because you don’t have all the facts – about the investor or the investment.

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Opportunity for Web App Development Company

Last night, I posted this on my social media:








And received more than a 100 responses in an hour. Insert monkey-covering-face emoticon.

So, I decided to rather do a post on what exactly we need and what the next step should be.

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