Bitcoin, Nesquik and investing in the JSE

“What’s your take on Bitcoin?”

Without a doubt, the most asked question in my inbox. To date, I haven’t responded to any of those messages. I’m not someone to give advice on investments – I think it’s an irresponsible thing to do. For many reasons but mostly because you don’t have all the facts – about the investor or the investment.

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Opportunity for Web App Development Company

Last night, I posted this on my social media:








And received more than a 100 responses in an hour. Insert monkey-covering-face emoticon.

So, I decided to rather do a post on what exactly we need and what the next step should be.

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90 Minutes to a more successful business

Later this year, I’m publishing my first book under the title  “90 Rules for Entrepreneurs”. 90 rules that I’ve learned over the years building my own businesses and working with hundreds of other small business owners. Over the next couple of months, I’ll be sharing some of these rules with everyone who pre-ordered my book (you can also do it by clicking here).

In this post: A great hack to make more of your time. 

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