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Gelykbreeksyfer as doelwit (KykNET’s Winslyn)

Dinge is nooit maklik vir ‘n kleinbesigheid-eienaar nie. Maak nie saak hoe hard jy probeer nie, daar is altyd probleme om op te los en vure om te blus. Jy kan jouself egter daaraan troos, dat jy nie alleen is nie. Elke kleinbesigheid-eienaar gaan deur presies dieselfde en om ‘n besigheid te bou bly ‘n uitdaging.

Vir hierdie rede, is dit so belangrik vir die entrepreneur om altyd ‘n doelwit te hê om na te jaag. Iets te hê wat jou laat vroeg opstaan in die oggend en jou die energie gee om tot laat te werk in die aand. Ek sien so baie entrepreneurs wat geen rigting het nie, geen plan het nie, elke dag daag jy maar net by die kantoor op en slaan vure dood. Aan die einde van die maand, kyk jy maar of jy dit die maand gemaak het of nie.

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Die koop en verkoop van kleinbesighede (KykNET’s Winslyn)

Vir ‘n entrepreneur, is dit altyd ‘n opwindende ervaring om ‘n nuwe besigheid te begin of te laat groei. Party entrepreneurs is “starters”, hulle hou daarvan om die nuwe idee van die grond af te kry en dan te verkoop. Ander is weer “growers”, hulle koop ‘n bestaande besigheid en het die vermoë om dit baie groter te laat groei as die vorige eienaar. Op die einde kom beide egter by dieselfde punt: ek moet my besigheid verkoop. Hoe werk die verkoop van so ‘n besigheid? Hoe kan ek myself voorberei daarvoor? En soms die grootste vraag, hoe kan ek ‘n prys bepaal?

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#budget2017 for the entrepreneur – disappointing!

Budget 2017? Not interested in all the fluffy stuff, what the story is with internal politics or Molefe, quite honestly, not even interested on how it will be spent. What I am interested in, is how it will affect the small business owner and the entrepreneur. If we can sort them out, they will sort our economy out.

So how did #budget2017 go for the entrepreneur? I have 2 points to comment on.

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Financial Statements (KykNET’s Winslyn)

A Financial statement is something that most business owners receive once a year but they don’t really read it because of it being too difficult to understand.

In this insert, I want to speak about Financial statements broken down into its basic form so that every business owner can understand the basic principles of it.

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The recipe for a successful business or whatever else you want in 2017

I wish I can get stats on this post and know how many people started reading it without finishing it. My bet is, that most won’t finish it. Because my thoughts will make most people uncomfortable. It’s the shit we don’t want to hear, but so desperately need to hear.

Last year on 31 December, I posted the following on Facebook:

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Competition (KykNET’s Winslyn)

In a recent report by World Wide Worx, they looked at the state of small businesses in South Africa and found that competition was an entrepreneurs greatest challenge when it comes to starting a new business. It was a very interesting finding, as it’s not a factor for most of the other countries.

Why do South Africans see competition as such a big challenge and how can we overcome it? That’s what I want to talk about in this insert: 5 ways you can overcome your competition.

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BEE (KykNET’s Winslyn)

In my previous insert, I spoke about how you can start your own business. I was so surprised with the reaction the viewers had regarding BEE. I received a few messages from people that felt that they can’t start their own business in South Africa because of BEE requirements. Therefore, I decided to speak about BEE and why it doesn’t have such a big influence on small businesses.

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My Personal lessons (KykNET’s Winslyn)

For the last few months, I’ve shared advice regarding the business world and everything that creates a successful business. The world of entrepreneurship has never been an easy place and even though I’ve been working with a lot of small businesses the last 10 years, I’ve also built up my own successful businesses. Today I’m speaking about my own lessons and my own path as an entrepreneur.

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Small businesses and Cashflow (KykNET’s Winslyn)

I see so many times in the business world that small businesses make a lot of profit but fail because of terrible cash flow. This may not make sense – You make a great profit, but you have no money? This is exactly why I’m doing this insert; How to get your cash flow up to scratch.

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