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Budget 2016 for the SME

This article was written for and first published on It is my mission to serve entrepreneurs, I think the article is relevant to all business owners and therefore I’m copying it here.

Today was the big day for our new (and former) Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan. Trying to juggle rising debt, falling revenue, slow economic growth and imminent Municipal Elections didn’t make Budget 2016 an easy task. Minister Gordhan tried to steer the rather fragile ship and had no real surprises in Budget 2016. In fact the budget was more conservative than most expected.

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Entrepreneur, your accountant is killing your growth!

I write about business, how to grow your company. I’ve worked with hundreds of SME’s in South Africa, I’ve consulted to big corporates. I share my experience in articles. And that’s all it is – experience.

Today, I’m writing about a topic that some might find a bit biased. Yes, I’m an accountant by degree and yes, I own an accounting firm. So for an accountant to write about accountants…? The perfect match for a sales pitch! But not this time, again I’ll be sharing my experience I’ve had with businesses in South Africa – it just happens to be close to home.

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