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Taking a stand: Stop killing SME’s

Yes, it was my car that was parked at Rivonia Village since this morning. But it wasn’t (only) my message. It is the message of every single small business owner in this country. It is the plea from every entrepreneur trying to create a success against all odds. And of course, it was in support of Ubuntu Baba.

Everyone agrees that SME’s are the solution to many problems in our country. Entrepreneurs are the only hope in restoring economic growth. Everyone wants us to succeed, but no one has our backs.

And that’s fine… We’re used to it. You don’t need to support us but don’t try and intentionally kill us. What transpired in the last 24 hours is nothing new but at least this time it went viral and people could see what small business owners face on a daily basis.

Personally and through, we will continue the fight for SME’s. The message is clear: support small business South Africa, and if you are too pathetic to do that, just don’t try and kill it.

Entrepreneurs, the journey continue. Onwards and upwards.

Marie Claire Internship: R30 is more than enough. Your self-entitlement attitude isn’t.

Marie Claire pic

Last week social media exploded with opinions following a screenshot (above) of Marie Claire (the glossy magazine) offering interns R30.00 a day. The reaction was unanimous: How dare they offer such a low wage. The Southern African Freelancers Association (Safrea) came out with a strong statement saying interns are being exploited. Prominent figures said the matter should be referred to the Department of Labour.

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