Cloud Applications (KykNET’s Winslyn)

Gone are the days where businesses are required to spend insane amounts of money on purchasing and maintaining good desktop applications, the solution – Cloud Applications. What does this mean? Cloud applications are software programs that work via the internet and aren’t stored on your computer or desktop. This new age technology is changing small businesses as we know it.

Two such applications that are affordable, user-friendly and the future of small businesses is; Email and Accounting software.

Traditionally one would purchase a server that costs you thousands and you would need to manage the upkeep of the software and hardware yourself. Today we can pay a small monthly fee over to big companies such as Google or Microsoft to host our emails. This application allows us to email from any location, without the fear of losing all our data. In a short 5 minutes anyone can create a professional image for their business with their own or .com email address. The two most popular products on the market are Microsoft Office 365 and Gmail with monthly subscriptions of about R70 p/m.

Let us have a closer look now at software that would do our accounting. Previously we would install a program on a computer and a selected few would have access to it. These programmes would pose a constant hassle to sharing data with your accountant and would be extremely nonuser-friendly.

Today with programs such as Sage Pastel’s, SageOne and the international program, Xero; everything can be done online and accessed from anywhere with an active internet connection. Accountants can join in anytime and work with your figures. These programs are so user-friendly that the average business owner can navigate them to see what’s going on with their finances. Quotations and invoices can be done online and sent out to debtors, Bank accounts can be synchronized to the programme and every evening the program can automatically process all the transactions. SageOne is a more cost effective programme, whilst Xero can integrate with third party applications. Costs vary between R185 – R320 p/m.

As an Accountant, myself I know what a big influence these programs can have on our daily lives. In a few years, this way of doing business will be the norm and I encourage any business owner to start using these programs as soon as possible and to reap the benefits they offer.

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