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Last night, I posted this on my social media:








And received more than a 100 responses in an hour. Insert monkey-covering-face emoticon.

So, I decided to rather do a post on what exactly we need and what the next step should be.

Some Background

I’m involved with a company where we develop several web applications to support our own processes and also apps used by customers for various services we offer.

To date, we have outsourced most of the development to third parties and kept the project management in-house.

We are now at a point, where we want all our development to be done in-house. This is required for several reasons:

  • We are doing more and more dev work and it is keeping third parties busy full-time.
  • We want the work to be closer to ensure we can execute quicker.
  • We are embarking on a new project and have several role players involved who are all in-house and want the development team to be too.

The obvious option would be to recruit these individuals as employees but we would rather look at partnering with someone or a team of people who have been doing this as a business already, have a good trackrecord and history of work that we can review and make a decision on. This will solve our current need immediately but will also provide a new opportunity for this business to do work for other companies and people in our network.

Who we think we need

Youngster/s (in twenties) running their own web application development company who have already done decent projects with proper backend development. We are not looking for a webdesigner or companies doing WordPress sites but rather developers who understand coding (PHP/Javascript/etc), databases, etc.

They would have capacity to take on more work or the confidence that they can hire developers to handle more work and take over our dev projects. Johannesburg based or elsewhere with the ability to spend blocks of time in JHB.

That’s what we want. How we achieve it, can be through a partnership, acquisition, investment or any other deal that makes sense.

What do we bring to the table? We will help the company grow through our existing projects and projects within the group, cash for expansion or new hires, our reach, structure, office space, management skills and good coffee.

Now what?

If you think, you have what it takes and is interested in such an opportunity, send my biz partner (Farren Mare), an e-mail to farrenmare@gmail.com and tell us more about your company, if you have a team/how many, some of the apps you’ve done and why you think this will work for you?

If you think, we are stupid and you have a better option, please send us an email and tell us what it is?


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