Entrepreneurs, Stop with the DIY (KykNET’s Winslyn)

Marketing, Sales, Product development, Accounting and many more facets of a business become the responsibility of a new Entrepreneur when starting off, and why – to save on COSTS. One can’t possibly get to everything, every day and that’s when the penny drops. Do you continue to try to do everything yourself, do you employ someone, or do you look at outsourcing the work to a business that can manage it for you?

South Africans are known to love trying to do everything themselves and have neologized the term “DIY”. Personally, I think it’s the greatest downfall in a lot of businesses today. We believe we can do everything ourselves and that nobody can do it better than us. At the end of the day, when your business stops growing and it’s no longer viable to run, you find yourself asking why you never sort the necessary expertise to make things work.

There are 3 tasks one can easily outsource that will afford you the opportunity to focus your attention on what matters most – more business.

Gone are the days of traditional marketing, everything is now digital. Google, Facebook, and Instagram are amongst some of the best marketing programs to utilise to get one’s product out there. Can you do it yourself – Yes of course, but with the right agency they’ll do it better, allowing you the opportunity to focus more on selling your product. You know your product best, but they know how to market it best. Packages for small businesses start at R500 – R5000 per month and some of these agencies even offer a guaranteed number of new clients.

When it comes to Legal fees today businesses are often penny wise and pound foolish; and resort to downloading standardised templates from the internet and retrofitting them to meet imminent business needs; which can cost the business a pretty penny overall. My advice would be to find an affordable expert or firm that can help you with the legal work.

Another task one can outsource is ones Accounting. Upon starting a new business, owners often work off a spreadsheet, however it isn’t a sustainable option overall as your financial systems, accounting and taxes need an ongoing focus. It would be smart to outsource this task to experts who can advise you accordingly on how best to run your business, save on tax fees and most importantly keep you on the legal side of the law. Monthly Accounting service packages can range from R3000 – R10 000 per month, making it cheaper than employing your own internal accountant.

As Entrepreneurs, we need to focus our time on where the money is and employ the correct people to support us. So, South Africans let’s stop trying to DIY and focus our attention on growing big businesses.

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