If you don’t look after your clients, someone else will…

Every day on my way to work for the past two years I’ve bought a copy of Business Day from a guy named Rodger.

Rodger knew me well, and every morning he’d spot me and run to me with my Business Day. There were some days that I didn’t have cash, but I’d make it up to him the next day or the next week –often paying him more. I must have been one of his best clients.

In August, Rodger suddenly wasn’t there anymore. I couldn’t get my daily BD fix on my way to work. It was a schlepp having to stop at forecourt stores trying to find one with stock.

Tired of the trouble, I tried the BD online app on my iPad. It was amazing.

Now I could read my paper first thing in the morning without the hassle of stopping at the shops or dealing with paper.

Then… Rodger returned…

As ever, he ran to my car with my copy of BD only to hear me explain that I already had a copy. This continued daily for a week. He eventually understood my explanation about the app. I still drive past him each morning greeted by a sad look when we make eye contact. I’m sure he lost one of his most loyal customers. I feel bad for him, but, my online subscription is providing a much better experience.

All of this made me realise how much we need to look after our customers. Not occasionally, but EVERY SINGLE DAY. Our customers require a product or service and if we are not there to provide it – even once – they may find another option and never return.

Each day my commute to work reminds me that a customer is a privilege, not a right.

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