Thank you so much for reaching out. I get hundreds of emails a month, and as much as I’d love to be able to answer them all, my work schedule is completely full, so it’s just not do-able. I also know that this page will answer most queries and will do so in the fastest way possible.

Media & Speaking Requests

I’ve committed to a number of projects that require my full-time attention and have therefore made the decision not to do any talks or media engagements in 2020.

Request for Mentorship, Guidance or a Meeting

As much as I would love to do one-on-one consultations and meetings, it’s simply not possible. Instead, I dedicate my time to create resources (podcast shows, articles, videos) that can benefit a large number of business owners and I share this weekly via my mailing list.

Consuming these resources, I guarantee you you’ll get more value than you ever would if you and I had to sit down for coffee for a mere hour. They reveal so many actionable insights and tips and I know you’ll get immense value from it.

To ensure you benefit from this, you can also:

1) Read my book “90 Rules for Entrepreneurs” which is packed with valuable info I’ve learned in business.

2) Search my website for articles and videos on various topics that might interest you.

3) Follow me on social media where I regularly share new content and engage on public posts.

4) Subscribe to my mailing list to stay up to date with content and events.

If you are looking for funding/investment

Unfortunately I’m not funding any businesses at the moment. I do, however, wish you the best with your journey and hope to see you in the arena soon!

If you want to partner with me/ or have some value to share with our SME base:

If you are a corporate, then you can become one of our corporate friends. We have various packages available and our minimum spend is R300k per year. If interested, please send an email to the team at for more information.

If you just have a comment to share

Please post it on my Facebook page at

If you have a testimonial to share

It’s always so nice to get feedback and I really appreciate all the kind messages. The best place to share this on my Facebook page at

If you are looking for a sponsorship/donation

There are so many great causes to support and I have already dedicated my allocated resources to projects that I feel passionate about and won’t be doing any further other sponsorships or donations.

If you want to ask me for a job

To see positions available at The Beancounter, please visit the following link:

Unfortunately, I can’t assist with any other requests for employment.

Any requests related to The Beancounter

For any questions related to The Beancounter, please visit and make contact with the team.

Any other query?

If we haven’t addressed your query above, then feel free to reach out to my PA Nabeelah at Any email she receives related to the above topics will simply be redirected to this page.

Please respect and understand this – I’m trying to make the biggest impact possible and systems like these are making it possible. Let’s continue to build great businesses.

Much love,