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There’s no need to send me an email just to connect.

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Unfortunately, I am not funding any businesses outside of Shark Tank SA, at the moment. I also don’t have the capacity for one-on-one coffee requests or mentoring sessions.

If you are looking for great accounting services and a dedicated accountant that can help you with financial systems and advice to grow your business, then feel free to click here and look at our services and pricing guide of The Beancounter (I am currently the CEO of The Beancounter and won’t work with your business directly but once signed up, we will definitely have the chance to meet.)

I am also hosting groups of entrepreneurs on a regular basis. Simply sign up for my mailing list and you’ll be kept updated.

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Visit the Speaking Request page at

There are so many great causes to support. Unfortunately, I have already dedicated my allocated resources to projects that I feel passionate about and won’t be looking at doing any other sponsorships or donations.

We only hire qualified accountants. To apply, please complete the following link:

Unfortunately, I can not assist with any other requests for employment.