Marnus partners with Legacy Education Alliance

Legacy Education Alliance has partnered with Marnus Broodryk to create a practical workshop for the aspiring & established entrepreneur. Based on Marnus’ bestselling book, 90 Rules for Entrepreneurs, this workshop provides students with comprehensive insight and knowledge to craft the perfect business plan and get to know what it takes to build a successful business.

To launch this program, Marnus will be hosting the first workshop himself and we are offering it AT NO COST to 6 lucky individuals.

To get more information or to stand a change to attend the first workshop, visit

Updated: The 6 individuals who will join Marnus for the first workshop are:

  1. Eliphus Seaneho
  2. Emmanuel Mokgohloa
  3. Gary Odendaal
  4. Patience Mdwayi
  5. Richard Von Moltke
  6. Maggie Matsie


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