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By Marnus19/04/2024In Uncategorized

Want to learn from my lessons and mistakes?

At the end of 2023, I embarked on a journey of healing and self-discovery. Without a partner and freed from work responsibilities, I had the liberty to explore my true self, my desires, and passions.

What followed were wild adventures, sometimes unconventional actions. Yet, amidst the chaos, I imposed moments of stillness. A 10-day silent retreat in India, a month-long digital detox, a 20-day period of abstinence, and a 4-day fast—all intentional efforts to rediscover the authentic me. Who is Marnus beyond the pursuit of money and fame, sans a glamorous relationship, devoid of conventional achievements and credibility?

It’s been a profound journey of self-reflection, leading to significant realizations about the reasons behind my actions and the nature of my existence. This process has been transformative, bringing a sense of healing and drawing me closer to my authentic self.

I wrote a “book” that captures the written reflections of this journey—a journey of healing. The process involved introspection into the life events that shaped me, evaluating their relevance, and letting go of what no longer served me.

The first section of the book deals with my life story. Where I was born, my childhood years, being gay, having an absent and alcoholic father, the obsession to be successful and never to face those situations again, the rise from starting my first business to achieving financial freedom and “early retirement” and all the ups and downs in between.

The second part of the book delves into my reflections on life, sharing the lessons I’ve amassed over the years—ones I wish I had known earlier, ones I wish my father had imparted.

In 2017, I published my first book called “90 Rules for Entrepreneurs”. It contained the business lessons and rules I’ve learned over the years. It was an enormous success and meant a lot to many business owners around the world. I think of this new book as my “Rules for Life,” and my hope is for it to have the same impact (one day).

I’m not ready to publish the entire book (for various reasons). But I do want to start sharing the second part of the book with a closed group of people. I want to share it so that it can also mean something to someone else, that other people can learn from my mistakes and insights, that it can challenge your own thinking, and that I can get feedback. Most importantly, I want to contribute something positive to the world.

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