Your complimentary ticket to the Secrets of Scale…

I’ve managed to secure 25 complimentary tickets to the Secrets of Scale event series hosted in Johannesburg.

The Secrets of Scale series of events are designed to help entrepreneurs understand the dynamics and challenges of scaling a business and will empower attendees with the skills, insights and principles necessary to enable a business to scale their impact on their chosen market and ultimately scale on a world stage.

It includes several masters of scale include:

• Allon Raiz (CEO, RaizCorp)
• Rich Mulholland (Missing Link)
• Howard Mann (Brickyard Builders USA)
• Keet Van Zyl (Knife Capital)
• Clive Butkow (Kalon Venture Partners)
• Benji Coetzee (Empty Trips)
• Vinny Lingham (CEO, Civic & Shark Tank Investor)
• Marnus Broodryk (CEO, Transaction Capital SME & Shark Tank Investor)
• Jason Goldberg (Founder Edge Growth & 10X-E Investments)
• Tom Asacker (International Best Selling Author, The Business of Belief)
• Erik Kruger (Performance Coach & Founder Better Man)
• Howard Sackstein (CEO, Saicom)


I’ll be a panelist on the Secrets of Scale on 4 June with Vinny Lingham, Jason Goldberg and Vuyo Tofile and will be sharing insights into how to scale your business.

To redeem your complimentary ticket simply follow these instructions:

1. Visit
2. Select a date
2. Just above the “Order now!” button, click on the “Use a promotion code” link
3. Copy and paste this word in: MARNUS
4. Now you will see that a ticket costs nothing instead of R125

I’ll see you there!

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  • Netty
    May 31, 2018 at 8:41 am — Reply

    YEs I would like to attend

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